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We consistently strive to bring leading-edge event ideas to our patrons and in this

spirit, we now proudly offer a unique team-building opportunity. Your group will

participate in an engaging fun-packed event that improves productivity and teamwork.

Your team will develop skills in leadership, creative problem solving, cooperation and


When you book a team-building event you may choose one of the following scenarios:

  • Musical Paintings: Just like musical chairs, at chosen intervals during the event,  participants will be instructed to change seats, placing them in front of a coworkers painting.
  • Multi-Panel Paintings: This event allows your group or organization to create one large image by placing several smaller images together.
  • Collective Theme Projects: This event allows each participant to create an image that shares a theme but differs in style.
  • The Brushstrokes Challenge!: Think Paint & Wine meets Escape Room!



Please contact us for more information about this exciting opportunity!


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Myerstown Library - Fluid Art Part

Wednesday, July 31,2019
FROM 6:00pm to 8:00pm


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