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Two Hour Painting Classes

Winter Cardinal

Salsa Dancing


Holiday Time

Neon Skull

Harvest Moon

Harvest Field

Howling at the Moon

Cup of Joe

Flower Sunset

Rainy Road Night

Rainy Road Day

Fall Trees

Winter Villa

Palms and Palapa

Cup Cake

Fruit and Flowers

A Cool Tall Drink

Summer Rain

Spring Tree

Venice Nights

Ginko Leaf

Hex Bird

Amish Countryside

Night Owl

Penguine Party

Purr-fect Love

Modern Fleur de Lys

Space Frontier

Disco Night

Abstract Fleur de Lys

Galloping Horses

Cherry Tree

Serengeti Sunset

Tree of Life

Northeast Lighthouse

Abstract Elephant

Sailboat Sunset


Winter Forest

Nativity Scene

Wanna Catch?

Jonestown Bridge

Winter Window

Water Lily

Blue Guitar

Bumble Bee

Blue Jay


Royal Palm

Philosophers Path

Live Love Laugh

Abstract King Kong

Moon Owls

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