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Adventurous Gallery
For those looking for an adventure in their painting experience and generally take about 3 hours to paint. This group of paintings $34.

Moon Light Birds

Autumn Rainy Night

Cafe Terrace

Hidden Cove

A Warm Freeze - version 1

Autumn Stream

A Warm Freeze - version 2

Tree of Love

Sunset Bay

Starry Night

Lady Dancers

Lovers Unite

Northern Lights

Floral Still Life

Tropical Sunset

Monets Bridge

Sunset Dock

Modern Cherry Tree


Mt. Fuji

Irish Countryside

Doe and Buck

Wine For Couples

Summer Sunflowers

Arch de Triumph

Fruit & Wine

Paris Tower

Paradise Palms

Mother & Kitten

Fishing Day


The Wave

Red Wine and Cheese

Gazebo Bar

Tree Cage

Night Roses


Almond Tree

Ancient Rome

Venice Canal

Abstract Turtle

Dutch Master Floral

Southwest Sunset

River of Hope


Abstract Pig

Fluffy Feathers

Moon Chicks

Tuscan Sky

Blue Jay

Abstract Horse

Bright Sunflower

Chilling Out

Daisy Friends

Dream Catcher

Space Frontier

Penguin Party

Serengeti Sunset

Holiday Time

Harvest Field

Amish Countryside

Palms and Palapa

Galloping Horses

Disco Night

Night Owls


Winter Villa

Royal Palm

Sailboat Sunset

Jonestown Bridge

Abstract King Kong

Northeast Lighthouse

Night Owls

Abstract Elephant

Magic 2

Winter Birch

Snow Family

Winter Village

Winters Over

Fall Pumpkins

Land Crab

Summer Time

Fall Night

Love Birds

Paris Nights

Cool Cats

The cat in the window

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