Hey Guys, this post is for you!


Top 5 reasons why guys should go to a paint party (with or without your lady!)

  1. You work hard, let loose and have some fun. (You can drink beer!)
  2. You may find that you are an incredibly talented painter. (You can drink beer!)
  3. You will impress your “other half” with your adventurous spirit! (You can drink beer!)
  4. The guys who participate find that they really do have fun! (You can drink beer!)
  5. You can drink beer or whatever cocktail you like; many events are even BYOB!!!

All joking aside, we are very aware that the majority of our customers are of the female persuasion. Yet, when men join us they are often shocked at how much fun they have and how relaxing it is! Plus, this month we have several wood pallet events. What could be manlier than that?!!


Give us a try! You might like it!!!


Get ready to party!

The Brushstrokes on Canvas Team

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