I don't have a creative bone in my body!


Have you ever changed a recipe? You know, added a little more of something because you like it better that way? That is creativity.

Have you ever picked out an outfit that wasn't exactly like the mannequin in the store and someone exclaimed, "I love that outfit!" That is creativity.

Have you ever come up with a new idea at work that would make things better, (even if the boss doesn't like it.) That is creativity!

We often sell ourselves short and assume that because we are not a famous artist, baker, dress designer or Steve Jobs; we are not creative. It simply isn't true. Next time you are looking at any situation and you think of a new or different way to do things; that my friend is creativity. 

Next time you attend one of our events, consider how much fun you are having and enjoy your spark of creativity that is showing up on your canvas. Each image that our clients paint is a reflection of who they are, and of course... their creativity!!!

Keep creating!
The Brushstrokes on Canvas Team

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